Use This Tool to Measure Website Speed, Analysis and Performance - One of the things that needs to be done when a website has begun to be published is to analyze how the website's performance from various locations, devices, web browsers and resolutions. Being a challenge to make a website very fast, not everyone has a fast internet connection, especially for mobile users.

In 2015, Google announced its search algorithm by emphasizing that a website must be mobile friendly. In other words, websites that are mobile supported will be prioritized to appear earlier.

Continues in 2016, more intensely Google recommends web developers to optimize their websites for mobile devices. Because with the support of smartphones, mobile users have more access to the internet compared to desktops. Here are some tools that you can use to analyze and improve website performance.

By default, this tool already exists in the Chrome web browser. How to use it is very easy, just go to devtools by right-clicking inspect element or ctrl + shift + i. Then select the audits tab, and click perform an audits. 5 audit categories will appear, you can select all or several. This tool strongly emphasizes that your website must use https, mobile friendly, service worker and be accessed quickly with a 3G internet connection.

By using this tool, we can access sites from various places and use various web browsers. For example we try to access sites from San Francisco, CA and Chrome web browser options.

The results of the report will show how our site was opened there, starting from how long the server responded to it, when the page began to render, the order in which resources were loaded, to the total time when the page finished loading. In fact, we can see a video of how the page is loaded to the end. Surely a lot of suggestions from the tools we must do to get the best results. To find out, open WebPageTest: Https://Www.Webpagetest.Org/

PageSpeed ​​Insights
This tool from Google is very simple, just enter the website address and it will be analyzed. The resulting report is also very easy to understand, complete with scores for both mobile and desktop. Of course suggestions will appear to increase the speed of your website. To find out, open PageSpeed ​​Insights: Https://Developers.Google.Com/Speed/Pagespeed/Insights/

GTmetrix is ​​somewhat similar to WebPageTest, this cannot be separated from the use of WebPageTest to generate scores on this tool. Your website will be analyzed as a whole, including resources from third parties to the images that you will use. Try to get a score of 100 for each recommendation, this tool is very sensitive even for analyzing scripts that are minimized. To find out, open GTmetrix: Https://Gtmetrix.Com. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)
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