Legend of Segentar Alam, King Sriwijaya Muslim from Siguntang Hill


INDEPHEDIA.com - There is a story, after the attack of the Chola Kingdom in 1025 AD made the Srivijaya (Sriwijaya) Kingdom split. Some of the remaining royal family built Srivijaya unity in the interior.

In the Palembang legend, Sriwijaya's unity in the interior was built by descendants of King Alim, who was the son of Sriwijaya's ruler Siguntang Hill Palembang named Maharaja Sulan better known as King Segentar Alam or Si Gentar Alam.

It is said that King Segentar Alam first arrived in Palembang with 3 ships with the Yellow Current flag. However, while on the way the ships sank. Of all the shipwrecked ships, one ship carrying King Segentar Alam was stranded on Siguntang Hill, while the other ship was destroyed at sea and some were destroyed and then dragged on the Karang Anyar site.

There is a unique story from the story of King Segentar Alam, which in its heyday could conquer almost all of Sumatra to neighboring Johor and Malacca in Malaysia, which is about the song "Screen at Night" which is often sung on the ship when he and his troops were sailing, which until now is sometimes still sung in the areas of Medan, Johor and Malacca.

At the time of King Segentar Alam who came from the Kingdom of Mataram, Sriwijaya Siguntang Hill was respected by countries in the archipelago. In fact, the King is considered to inherit charisma from the ancestors of the Kingdom of Srivijaya, Dapunta Hyang Jayanasa.

King Segentar Alam is also known by the name "Iskandar Zulqarnain Syah Alam" or "Iskandar Zulkarnain Alamsyah". The name he got after he became a convert or converted to Islam under the guidance of a prominent cleric at that time, Ancestor Ogan River "White Guardian".

After leaving King Segentar Alam, Sriwijaya Siguntang's Hill power was held by the descendants of his son named King Mufti. Later, the center of government was moved to the Lebar Daun area, so that the Srivijaya rulers at that time were better known as Demang Lebar Daun.

It is estimated, the offspring of King Alim, the son of Maharaja Sulan (King Segentar Alam) who pioneered the establishment of kingdoms in the interior, such as Kerintang (Indragiri), Pagaruyung, Dharmasraya and Gasib (Siak).

In his story, King Segentar Alam has 2 children named King Alim and King Mufti. After Maharaja died, his son King Alim succeeded him. After some time reigning, King Alim died, relatives of the Palace then appointed his son King Alim II as ruler.

The appointment of King Alim II got a protest from his uncle King Mufti because it was considered without going through an agreement in consultation. In an effort to avoid civil war, King Alim II and his supporters migrated inland.

The existence of King Alim II was later recorded in Tambo Alam Minangkabau as a nobleman from the House of Syailendra, who sent down rulers in the land of Minang.

Another legend says, one of the descendents of King Segentar Alam went to Java and sent down the kings there. Some argue, the figure in question is Princess Subraba (wife of the Sunda King Prabu Guru Dharmasiksa), while the other opinion of the figure is Ken Angrok (Arok), founder of the Singhasari / Singasari Kingdom in East Java. (SJ.IN/ENG/*)
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