Unique and Famous Customs in Lampung


INDEPHEDIA.com - Have you heard of Siger, Sulam Intestine, Tapis, or special food called Seruit? There's no mistaking it. The names come from the southernmost province of Sumatra, namely Lampung Province, Indonesia.

Lampung with its provincial capital Bandarlampung City has a lot of natural and cultural charm that attracts tourists. The cultural diversity of the Lampung tribal people in this province, both the indigenous people of Lampung Pepadun and Saibatin, turns out to have some unique characteristics. Here are six unique and popular customs or traditions in Lampung.

1. Gawi

The Gawi or Begawi tradition is carried out for the rituals of life, including the birth of a child, before and during marriage to the awarding of the Begawi Cakak Pepadun traditional title.

For Gawi not everyone can hold the celebration. Usually, only people who have a middle to upper economic level or those who are able can implement it. This is because the cost of implementing this traditional event requires no small cost.

2. Djujor

Djujor is a traditional wedding ritual in Lampung. "Muli" or the girl will be taken by "Mekhanai" or single men to be used as wives. The mekhanai and his family must pay bandi lunik or dowry to the mayor of the muli.

Muli also had a request called a kiluan which was his right and had to be fulfilled by Mecca. There are two ways that can be done for its implementation, namely clandestinely and openly. The way to hide or sabambang, when the man runs the girl to his house.

Arriving at the man's house, the customary chief will report to the girl's family that their child is missing because of the purpose of being edited.

There is also a need to bring 24 kinds of traditional cakes to the girl's family. Mahar must be paid to the girl's customary head in cash.

3. Impressions

This one traditional celebration was held by a large family in the context of marriage, circumcision, house construction, as well as celebrating the success of the harvest. Equipment needed at the time of the journey included a trip to the bulung, kecambai, nyani buwak, begulai, siekokai siwok, and bebukha khambak.

The use of these tools will be adjusted to the customary degree. In addition, the relatives also provide assistance such as various raw food ingredients or prepared foods.

4. Balimau

This tradition is actually said to originate from Minangkabau, but is also carried out by the people in Lampung. Ahead of Ramadan, the community will perform Balimau rituals or bathing with lime.

Apart from lime, other ingredients such as cananga flowers, pandanus leaves, and gambelu roots were also added. For local people, this ritual becomes a form of cleansing the body and soul before entering the month of Ramadan.

5. Ngumbai Lawok

This traditional ceremony is held as a form of gratitude for the fishermen about the abundance of sea products. In addition, they also pleaded for safety and protection from the Creator while they sailed.

The way to do this is to wash the buffalo's head that has been slaughtered into the sea as a symbol of sacrifice. This unique ritual is able to attract the attention of tourists visiting Lampung.

6. Ngambabekha

This unique ritual called Ngambabekha is performed at the time of forest clearing to be used as plantation land or community settlements. Local residents believe that forests have watchmen. This ceremony is intended as a path of peace with forest watchmen so that each does not interfere with each other. (BD.IN/ENG/*)
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