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Balaputradewa, King of Sriwijaya and Relation to The Ratu Boko Site - Among the names of the royal king of Sriwijaya (Srivijaya), Balaputradewa's name seems to be the most remembered by many people. Sri Maharaja Balaputradewa was a member of the Sailendra Dynasty who became the fourth king of the Sriwijaya Kingdom in 835 after the first kings Dapunta Hyang Sri Jayanasa (683), Sri Indrawarman (702), Dharanindra (775) and Samaratungga (792).

In one version, Balaputradewa or Rakai Kayuwangi before becoming king in the Sriwijaya Kingdom has something to do with the legend of the Ratu Boko Site (Baka) or some call it Ratu Boko Palace or Boko Temple, which was originally called Abhayagiri Vihara (monastery on a peaceful hill), in Yogyakarta, Central Java Province, Indonesia now.

As noted in the Nalanda Inscription, Balaputradewa was the grandson of a Javanese king nicknamed Wirawairimathana (crushing enemy officers). The nickname of his grandfather is similar to Wairiwarawimardana alias Dharanindra in the Kelurak Inscription. In other words, Balaputradewa is a grandson of Dharanindra.

Balaputradewa's father was named Samaragrawira, while his mother's name was Dewi Tara the daughter of Sri Dharmasetu from the Soma House. The Nalanda inscription itself shows the friendship between Balaputradewa and Dewapaladewa king from India, which was marked by the construction of a temple initiated by Balaputradewa in the Bengal region.

Ratu Boko Site, in Yogyakarta, Central Java Province, Indonesia

The most popular opinion mentioned, Balaputradewa inherited the throne of the Kingdom of Srivijaya from his grandfather (the mother), namely Sri Dharmasetu. However, it turns out that the name Sri Dharmasetu was found in the Kelurak inscription as a subordinate of Dharanindra who was assigned to guard the Kelurak Temple building.

In terms of kinship, Dharanindra made a message with his subordinate employee, named Sri Dharmasetu through a marriage between Samaragrawira and Dewi Tara. Dharmasetu, according to the Kelurak inscription, was Javanese.

Meanwhile, Balaputradewa succeeded in becoming king of the Srivijaya Kingdom not because he inherited the throne of Sri Dharmasetu, but because at that time Sumatra Island had become the territory of the Sailendra Dynasty, as well as Java.

Based on the analysis of the Ligor Inscription, the Kingdom of Srivijaya was ruled by the Sailendra Dynasty since the time of Maharaja Wisnu. As a member of the Sailendra Dynasty, Balaputradewa succeeded in becoming king in Sumatra. While his brother, namely Samaratungga became king in Java.

A number of ancient historians interpret, Balaputradewa who became the king of the Srivijaya Kingdom, had built an ancient stone fortified monastery which was originally named Abhayagiri Vihara (Ratu Boko Site / Ratu Boko Palace) as a stronghold. At that time, he was attacked by Rakai Pikatan, Pramodawardhani's husband, heir to the Syaleindra Dynasty throne. In this version, Balaputradewa is Pramodawardhani's brother, the son of King Samaratungga who ruled in Ancient Mataram.

After losing, Balaputradewa stepped across the ocean and became the king of the Srivijaya Kingdom on the island of Sumatra. According to another version, Balaputradewa was eliminated not because of war, but on his own initiative because he felt that he was not the heir to Samaratungga, so he was not entitled to power in Java. (SJ.IN/ENG/*)
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