Dewi Mandapa Beach, Mangrove Beach Tourist Spot in Pesawaran, Lampung A beautiful beach that has recently been visited by many tourists, especially young people from the millennial generation, located in Gebang Village, Padang Cermin District, Pesawaran Regency, Lampung Province, Indonesia, and is called Dewi Mandapa Beach.

Dewi Mandapa Beach, the view is not inferior to the beaches in Bali and other places. This mangrove beach offers a white sand beach with clear sea water. One of the most famous destinations on this beach is Love Island and Romance Pier which has Instagramable photo spots.

For a trip to Dewi Mandapa Beach, the trip is only one hour if taken from the Rajabasa Main Terminal, Bandarlampung City. For those not familiar, the road to the beach is quite challenging. However, on arrival here all the fatigue will pay off.

Regarding the origin of the name of Love Island and Romance Pier because the pier bridge to the island is heart-shaped. That is why the island is also named Love Island. Besides seeing the beauty of the beach, you can also see the beauty of marine life with snorkeling on Love Island.

For the price of each ticket paid for each destination. To enter the beach, you only need to pay IDR 10,000 per person, while entering Love Island you will be charged an additional IDR 20 thousand. But, if you rent a snorkeling gear, it will cost IDR 40 thousand. (WS.IN/ENG/*)
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