The Zambezi River, The Fourth Longest River Natural Attraction in Africa - For nature tourism enthusiasts and challenges, The Zambezi River is the place. The Zambezi River (pronounced Zambesi) is the 4th longest river in the world located in Africa. This river also has the largest flow that flows into the Indian Ocean from the African Continent.

The Zambezi River covers an area of ​​1,390,000 km², almost half of the Nile. River along the 2,574 km and has a depth of up to 60 meters upstream in Zambia and flow through countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe, then to Mozambique, until finally empties into the Indian Ocean.

The most spectacular natural formation of the Zambesi river is Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world. There are also other waterfalls, such as Chavuma Falls on the border of Zambia and Angola, and Ngonye Falls in western Zambia.

Rafting is a water sport that is loved by travelers on the Zambezi River because of its challenges. Here, the traveler will go rafting through the forests of Africa and through the world's largest waterfall. A traveler can start rafting, both from Zimbabwe or Zambia.

Commercial rafting on Zambezi began in 1981. The rafting area is just below Victoria Falls in Africa, the largest waterfall in the world. In 1996, around 50,000 people rafted this waterfall, and the number continues to increase from year to year.

The flow of water on the Zambezi River will be very heavy between mid-February and the end of June. The volume of water is large, four times that of the Colorado River. The Zambezi River has up to 23 rapids, and almost half of the rapids are on the level 5 difficulty level. For chili, that level is actually quite spicy!

But, wait a minute. Here also there is a difficulty level to 6, but it can't be for the traveler because it's too dangerous. Overall, here a traveler can try wading rapids 1 to 18. However, for those who adrenaline lovers can try rapids 11 to 23. How, is there anyone who dares to try this high level level? (WS.IN/ENG/*)
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