Jenglot, Indonesian Mythological Creature With Dwarf Body

Photo Source: Bangsaonline - Jenglot is an Indonesian mythological creature whose figure is similar to a human with a stunted body, measuring about 10 to 17 centimeters.

Apart from its stunted body, other jenglot physical characteristics include a skull face, long fangs, dark skin with a rough texture like a mummy and has long hair and nails.

The results of the study found that the jenglot skin samples had characteristics as human DNA (deoxyribonosenucleic acid).

There is an assumption, jenglot is a creature originating from ancient humans who studied certain knowledge, a kind of rawa rontek (swamp rontek) or batara karang (batara coral).

Batara Karang is a high-level kanuragan technique that makes this knowledgeable human have strength, such as being immune to sharp weapons and having a long life.

After death, humans who have that knowledge cannot let go of their lives until they change shape, grow smaller or become stunted.

For those who believe, jenglot is a creature that has mystical powers, can be used for positive things and can also invite disaster.

As a nutrition, jenglot likes to drink human blood, some are also given oil without alcohol, depending on the owner of the jenglot.

In Indonesia, jenglot is found in several areas, such as on the islands of Java, Bali, Sumatra and Kalimantan. However, most of them are found in Java.

Believe it or not, jenglot is a creature that can move at certain times, not a jenglot-like doll that just stays still. (*)

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