Exotism Exploration of Kampret Cave in Bukit Lawang


INDEPHEDIA.com - In Bukit Lawang Village, Langkat Regency, North Sumatra Province, Sumatra Island, Indonesia, there is a cave known as the Kampret Cave (Bat Cave). Kampret Cave Naming does not refer to the meaning of words that are less pleasant to hear, but the meaning is actually a small bat, the inhabitants remain in this cave.

The cave which has a length of approximately 1 kilometer lane is very suitable to be used as a place of recreation as well as a means to study the caves of the cave. In addition, its location close to the tourist attraction in Bukit Lawang makes it a special attraction.

To go to the location, from Bukit Lawang Terminal, we head to the Bahorok River. Along the way, we will pass a lot of rubber and oil palm plantation areas owned by local residents. To reach the cave is not difficult. Because, there are already directives installed by the local community.

After arriving at the edge of the river, we must continue the journey on foot. From the edge of the river, this cave is about 3 kilometers. To get to my mouth, we just climb a little. There are road lanes that have been formed like stairs. In addition, to the left and right of the path are many tree roots that can be used as a guide for climbing.

In the cave, we will immediately be able to enjoy the beautiful views of the stalactites and stalagmites. Entering the large and spacious room, it looked very dark. However, after that we will be presented with many beautiful views of the sunlight that penetrates the tight rock crevices in the cave. (WS.IN/ENG/*)

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