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New Bhojpuri arkestra dance || Bola Kene Se Odari

Gandrung Dance, Banyuwangi Traditional Dance


According to history, this dance emerged when the capital of Blambangan was built. - Gandrung dance comes from Banyuwangi, East Java Province, Java Island, Indonesia. The word gandrung symbolizes the call of Dewi Sri, where at that time Dewi Sri was considered the Goddess of Rice who could give fertility and prosperity to the people.

This dance is also a genre with the Ketuk Tilu dance. According to history, this dance emerged when the capital of Blambangan was built, until finally one of the artists wrote a paper about a man traveling around to the heart with several musicians.

The story later became a folk tale that was carried down through generations. Until finally the Gandrung Banyuwangi Dance was created. At that time, the people who enjoyed it would give some items, such as rice, food or other goods in return.

The costume used is in the form of a velvet shirt, along with its attributes. At the head use a crown called omprok. For the legs use batik side. While the accompanying music is a kempul or gong. (BD.IN/ENG/*)

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