The Most Famous and Interesting Historical Tourist Cities in Spain


Various types of tours exist in each city in Spain. You can travel to the City of Madrid and Spain and Barcelona which are indeed cultural centers in Spain that have historic sites. - Spain is one of the countries in Europe that is quite well-known as an attractive tourist destination. Not surprisingly, this one country is visited by many tourists each year.

Various types of tours exist in each city in Spain. You can travel to the City of Madrid and Spain as well as Barcelona which is indeed a cultural center in Spain that has historic sites with magnificent and beautiful buildings, ranging from churches and castles that still stand firm today.

If you want to see the legacy of Islamic sultanate civilization in Europe, you can visit the City of Granada or also known as Andalusia. This city is one of the world's historical sights in Spain. Many Islamic-style buildings were built in the city.

As one part of Andalusia, the City of Sevilla don't forget you also visited. This city has since become medieval residence of the Spanish royal aristocrats of its time. In Seville, a lot of luxurious buildings with very beautiful designs for you to see.

Apart from those cities, places like City of Cordoba, Valencia, Malaga, Mallorca, Toledo, Santiago de Compostela, San Sebastián, Ibiza, Ronda, Bilbao, Segovia, Gran Canaria, Benidorm, Salamanca, Pamplona, ??Zaragoza and Cuenca are also worth visiting. . In these cities the tourist attractions are equally cool with destinations in the cities of Madrid, Spain, Barcelona, ??Granada and Selvilla in Spain. Happy tour! (WS.IN/ENG/*)

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