This Question Is Often Asked By Immigration Officials If They Are Abroad


The airport immigration officer will basically ask almost the same questions to everyone who will travel abroad, so this is not something that is difficult to overcome. - There are some people who do not want to bother with airport immigration when going to foreign countries. While on the other hand, the process of immigration is indeed required to be carried out in every trip to another country.

There is nothing wrong if you try to learn to enjoy this process in a way that is easier and more comfortable by preparing yourself. Facing an immigration officer is not something difficult, if from the beginning you have understood well what is likely to be asked by the officer.

The airport immigration officer will basically ask almost the same questions to everyone who will travel abroad, so this is not something that is difficult to overcome.

However, some people do indeed often provide incorrect answers. Instead of completing it smoothly, various answers such as this can cause problems on the way or even make the trip null and void.

Now, so that your travel plans can be smooth, make sure you understand well the various immigration officers' questions, including the most appropriate answers.

The following are questions that are often asked by immigration officials at airports when abroad such as quoted from a number of sources.

1. Travel Destinations

The first order of the most common questions and usually asked by the airport immigration officer is the purpose of your trip. Because, this is related to the type of visa needed for the trip. If your type of visa is not in accordance with the purpose of your trip, it is not impossible that this will be a problem in your journey.

In addition, make sure you always say honestly the purpose of your trip to the immigration officer, so that the officer can ensure the feasibility of the trip as well as various rules that you may have to fulfill in relation to your destination in that country.

Dishonest answers from the start can make you in trouble, such as detention or even deportation. Not only does the trip not run smoothly, conditions like this will certainly make you in serious trouble.

2. Length of Stay in The Destination Country

The length of your stay in the destination country will also be the question. This question will generally relate to your security while you are there. The immigration officer will need this information to adjust the visa you are using on the trip.

This is important for officers to ensure that you are actually using the right visa, considering that this can also cause problems on your trip.

Each country related to this period of stay also has different rules and of course you must obey the rules that are owned by the destination country. Give immigration officials the right and appropriate answers, so this question does not cause problems for your trip.

3. Residence During Travel

Your place of residence while in the destination country is also a mandatory question that will be asked by the immigration officer. Usually, this is asked to ensure your security while you are there, including ensuring the security risks that you might cause.

Non-specific answers will generally cause problems. Moreover, if you only make very general answers, such as dormitories or even friends' apartments.

Avoid answers like this and make sure you provide clear answers to details, such as the address of the hotel you are using, the complete address of friends / relatives, and others. Complete answers like this will make the immigration process more smoothly.

4. Your Job

Your work is another question that is usually asked by immigration officials. Not to ascertain your business in the destination country, but this is usually asked to ensure the financial capacity that you have.

This is certainly important, considering your financial condition will greatly affect the smooth running of your trip in the destination country. Don't forget to give clear and fast answers, so that immigration officers are sure and don't doubt that.

These are a number of questions that are commonly asked by immigration officers if you are going abroad. Other questions can be asked by the officer as needed. Make sure all of the main questions you have to master really so that your trip is fun. Congratulations abroad! (SBB.IN/ENG/*)

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