Upside Down House, Unique Tourism House Up to Reverse Furniture


The house is built with a solid base so it doesn't collapse easily. However, it is different from a house called Upside-Down House. - Houses are buildings that are used as dwellings, family gatherings, places to rest to shelter from unfavorable weather.

Therefore, the house is built with a solid base so that it does not easily collapse. However, it is different from the house called Upside-Down House. Unique house, one of which is located in Fengjing, China, which has an unusual architecture.

The shape of the house is upside down, with the roof touching the ground. The contents inside the house were made upside down. This house is deliberately made to be one of the unique tourist destinations.

Nowadays, houses to reverse furniture like this are also found in many countries, such as Upside Down House Szymbark, Poland, The Bournemouth Upside Down House, Melaka Upside Down House, Down House Downside Niagara, The Upside Down House Bournemouth and many others, including in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, in addition to visiting tourist attractions in Bali, while on vacation to Bali do not forget to visit the photos of Upside Down World Bali or where the photos are upside down.

There are several unique photo spots in Bali with a 3-dimensional photo concept, such as the Bali Trick Art Museum which is located in the tourist area of ​​Seminyak, as well as the DMZ Bali three-dimensional 3D museum located on Jalan Nakula Legian. However, Upside Down World Bali offers a photo concept that is very different from the Bali Trick Art Museum or the 3D Museum of Bali.

At the photo location, all rooms have an upside down design. Not only the room, all the contents of the room such as beds, pillows, televisions, cabinets, shelves are also made upside down. Not only with the reverse design, the uniqueness of this photo spot is also found in the room layout, the combination of colors from the room and interior are designed with contrasting colors to make it look beautiful in the photo.

This inverted photo spot opened on March 1, 2016, is still in the category of the latest tourist activity in Bali. So, while on vacation in Bali and want to have a photo with a reverse concept, then don't miss to visit this unique photo spot. (WS / UNK.IN / ENG / *)

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