Waitomo Cave, a Beautiful Blue Luminous Cave that is Amazing in New Zealand


In this cave thousands of Lampyris noctiluca or glowworm (worms) are burning like fireflies. The existence of these worms produces a game of light in the darkness of the cave, providing an amazing experience for cave visitors.

INDEPHEDIA.com - If you want to see a panorama in a cave that is so magical and like in a fairyland, visit Waitomo Cave in New Zealand. There are thousands of small flaming creatures that inhabit the cave featuring beautiful natural blue light for visitors.

Inside this cave there are thousands of Lampyris noctiluca or glowworm (worms) that glow like fireflies. The existence of these worms produces a game of light in the darkness of the cave, providing an amazing experience for cave visitors.

Glowworm is a bioluminescent insect that can produce light with its tail. This is actually a chemical reaction between the chemicals they produce and oxygen. Glowworms spend most of their lives as matchstick-sized larvae.

Goa habitat is perfect for glowworms because they usually live in dark and humid environments. Their yarn is never dry or damaged due to the high humidity in the cave. The river flowing under the thread is the main food supplier for glowworm.

Caves are always monitored to ensure sparkling creatures have everything they need for their survival. After all, they are the reason that so many people visit Waitomo. Travelers who are interested in seeing it can take a tour by boat to enter the cave.

Location and Discovery of the Cave

Waimoto is located in the central part of the North Island in New Zealand, below the green and fertile countryside. The name Waitomo comes from the Maori language which is a native of the island. "Wai" means water, and "Tomo" means a hole in the ground.

My discovery occurred at the end of 1800 by the head of Maori Tane Tinorau who was the first person to enter the underground miracle. The same entrance that he found 200 years ago is still used until now.

Goa is open to tourists since 1889. Today, people working in the cave are direct descendants of the head of Tane Tinorau after the government returned the cave and land to their families in 1989.

Waitomo is not the only amazing cave in this area. Nearby is another group of limestone caves known as Ruakuri Cave. The abundance of limestone formations in both locations originated 30 million years ago.

In addition to luminous creatures, the Waimoto Cave has attracted people for the past 120 years because of the amazing limestone formations. The structure of this limestone cave is formed from the bones and shells of ancient sea animals. For centuries water flowed over rock sediments little by little until caves were formed.

Caves are full of decorations of different types including stalactites and stalagmites. This decoration is a limestone crystal deposit formed from constant water leakage from the roof of the cave. Touching them is strictly prohibited because it can be easily damaged. (WS.IN/ENG/**)
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