This Method is Done If The Twitter Account is Hacked or Misused - To maintain the security of accounts on social media, organizers of social media platforms generally require users to create strong passwords consisting of at least eight to 10 characters up to a combination of numbers and upper and lower case letters.

But, what to do if your social media account has been hacked or misused? Twitter provides a help center that can be accessed from the site or application, both in English and in Indonesian. Twitter divides the problem of hacking in two ways, namely a hacked account and an account that is abused.

Hacked Twitter Account

User accounts are called hacked if the user cannot log in with the username and password that has been created.

If you experience this, reset the password with a password reset or password reset form. Enter the username and email associated with the Twitter account.

If you still cannot log in, contact Twitter through the help center and select help in the form of a "hacked account". Send e-mail associated with a hacked Twitter account, Twitter will send additional information and instructions to the address.

Keep in mind, Twitter has never asked the user to provide a password via email.

Twitter Account Abused

On an abused account, users can still log in to their Twitter account. But, users see suspicious activity, such as tweets that are not written by the user, get a notification from Twitter about changes in information while the user does not do it, until the password is rejected.

If you experience this, Twitter advises users to change the password and replace it with a password that has never been used. Users can also change email addresses if deemed necessary.

Twitter also asks users to revoke connections to third-party applications because the connection is one way to infiltrate accounts that have weak passwords. Especially if the third application turns out to be a destructive website.

If the user still wants to use the third application, make sure the application is trusted and update the password in that application immediately. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)

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