Saint Maarten, Popular Tourist Attractions in The World Selected Millennial Generation - Different from previous generations, according to a number of studies, millennials tend to have tourism patterns that like to look for new experiences, including adventure tourism, exploration, and land travel. In fact, when traveling these people also tend to be spontaneous and don't do a lot of planning.

Apart from Denpasar Indonesia, Tokyo Japan, Bora Bora France, Seoul South Korea and several other countries, one of the popular tourist destinations in the world of millennial choices is Saint Maarten Netherlands.

Saint Maarten, an island in the Caribbean Sea that is now one of the famous tourist attractions. This island is one of four countries in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Its northern part is foreign territory under French rule.

Saint Maarten is on the southern side of the island of Saint Martin which has thousands of cities in Philipsburg, a city that has many duty-free shopping centers for tourists.

This country is a tourist-friendly area with all casinos and resorts scattered here. You will also find several peaceful and beautiful beaches around Simpson Bay and Little Bay. (SW.IN/ENG/*)
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