The First Ruler in Indonesia Titled Sultan in This Kingdom - In Indonesia, during its time, there were many kingdoms or empires ruled by kings/sultans or other titles.

Among the many kings or sultans in the archipelago, a number of sources say that the first ruler in Indonesia who held the title of sultan was Sultan Sulaiman bin Abdullah.

Sulaiman bin Abdullah is the sultan in the Lamuri Kingdom, whose royal center is currently identified as being in Aceh Besar District, Aceh Province.

This is known from the tomb of Sultan Sulaiman bin Abdullah in Lam Reh. It is recorded that Sultan Sulaiman bin Abdullah died in 1211.

The Lamuri Kingdom, which is said to be the forerunner to the formation of the Aceh Darussalam Sultanate, is known to have been ruled by several kings.

Proof of the existence of the kings of the Lamuri Kingdom, according to Wikipedia, was the discovery of approximately 84 tombstones scattered in 17 burial complexes, 28 of which had inscriptions.

Of the 28 existing tombstones, there were 10 kings who ruled Lamuri, 8 each with the title of malik and 2 with the title of sultan, including Sultan Sulaiman bin Abdullah.

Previously, in many references it was recorded that the first sultan in Indonesia was named Sultan Malik al-Saleh, the first king of the Samudera Pasai Kingdom.

Malik al-Saleh's new name is Meurah Silu after converting to Islam. He ruled for more or less 29 years, from 1297-1326.

Archaeological evidence of the existence of the Samudera Pasai Kingdom, reported Acehprov, with the discovery of the tombs of the Pasai kings in Geudong Village, North Aceh, Aceh Province.

These tombs are located in the ruins of the central building of the Samudera Pasai Kingdom in Beuringin Village, Samudera District, about 17 kilometers east of Lhokseumawe. (*)

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