Traveling to the Netherlands Enjoying the beauty of the Tulip Sea at Keunkenhof - The Dutch state of the European continent that holds a lot of charm. So it is not surprising if many tourists flock to the Netherlands each year to be able to feel firsthand the beauty of the windmill country.

Not only the beauty and uniqueness of the local culture, the natural beauty of the Netherlands is also famous so many people who want to witness its beauty directly. One of the most famous in the Netherlands is the super beautiful tulips.

The Netherlands is one of the best tulip producing countries in the world. One of the flower gardens that also serves tulips during the blooming season is a park called Keunnkenhof. This one park is quite famous in the Netherlands and is very much visited, especially during the spring when the flowers are blooming.

Keunkenhof flower garden is located in the Lisse area of ​​the Netherlands. This park is about 32 hectares in size, isn't it spacious? Can imagine how big and wide the flower garden is. Because of its vast size, the Keunkenhof park in Lisse has won the title of the largest flower garden in the world. If we go to the Netherlands, we recommend visiting the most popular Keunkenhof Park in the world. (WS.IN/ENG/*)

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