Can't Log In cPanel? Don't Panic, Here's The Solution - cPanel is one of the most widely used Linux-based control panels in web hosting accounts. Through this panel, you can easily manage all services in one place. However, have you ever experienced being unable to log in cPanel, even though the username and password written in the login form are correct?

When you fail to access cPanel, a message like this suddenly appears: "IP Address Has Changed". Patience, you do not panic first, calm down. That problem does not mean only your fault. If everything we do is correct but still cannot log into cPanel, there is another reason.

Failure to log in to cPanel usually occurs because the internet connection IP that we use uses Dynamic IP. That is, the IP often changes periodically within a range of 5-10 seconds. As a result, when we want to log in cPanel, then our IP changes, the cPanel security system will log out the login activity.

This Dynamic IP appears indeed something that is beyond our control as internet users. Including the hosting provider also can not do much for this problem. Because it is already not his authority. Because, Dynamic IP is provided by internet network providers.

Based on the experience of many users, to overcome this, yes use an internet IP that does not change. Because cPanel itself has a security system that does not allow continuous IP changes.

If possible, use a static IP for our internet service connections (IP Static rates are usually more expensive). If not, we are forced to use two other alternatives, namely Change the Internet Network or use the cPanel Proxy Tool.

Alternative One: Change the Internet Network. The trick, if you are using a WiFi internet connection, such as IndiHome, MNC Playmedia, Bolt, and experience it, can try restarting the internet modem.

In addition, it can also be turned off for a moment, then turn it back on. Or for example using a mobile internet connection (tethering), move the network from 3G to 4G, or 4G to 3G. That way, your internet IP will also change.

Second Alternative: Use the cPanel Proxy Tool. This method can be considered semi-permanent. In a sense, whatever internet connection we use, we want to use any internet provider, hopefully no problem. We can still log in cPanel even though the internet IP is changing.

How to use the cPanel Proxy Tool, download cPanel Proxy first, fill the downloaded file in the form of cPanel Proxy.Zip, then use it as the function of this tool. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)
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