Gold and Platinum Are Not Originated from Earth. How come? This is The Result of Research - Everyone must know that gold is the most expensive precious metal compared to silver or bronze. The price of gold is high because to get it, it must mine deep enough to the bowels of the Earth.

So far, we know that gold has been in the bowels of the Earth since the planet was formed. But, in a study actually showed the opposite.

Mentioned, gold and platinum should not be rare on Earth because they should not exist on this planet at all. Or at the very least, gold shouldn't be in the Earth's crust. That is because the precious metal is not native to Earth.

According to an analysis conducted by researchers from the University of Bristol, gold came from a meteorite collision more than 200 million years after the Earth was formed. In research published in the journal Nature, during the formation of the Earth, molten iron sank into the center of the planet to form a nucleus.

This liquid iron does not enter the bowels of the Earth alone, but brings along all the precious metals. These results were obtained by researchers after analyzing rocks from Greenland, which were nearly 4 billion years old. These ancient rocks provided knowledge about the composition of our planet shortly after the formation of the Earth's core but before the meteorite collision occurred.

According to high-precision measurements of two isotopes or atomic variants, tungsten (another precious metal that is also rare) shows that meteorites containing precious metals hit the Earth.

These meteorite collisions then coated the Earth with gold, platinum, and other elements long after their original counterparts disappeared into the planet's core. After the precious metals enter the Earth's core, the geological process then forms the Continent and concentrates the precious metal in mining pockets today. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)

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