Origins and Founders The Sultanate of Pajang

Photo Source: - The Islamic empire in Central Java Province, Indonesia, which is also known as the continuation of the Demak Sultanate, appeared before the collapse of the Majapahit Kingdom.

Because at that time Majapahit was still in power, the Sultanate of Pajang, which was founded by Jaka Tingkir, was not given much attention and his name was not as big as that of Majapahit.

In chronicle texts, the country of Pengging is referred to as the forerunner of Pajang. In fact, the name of the country of Pajang has been known since the time of the Majapahit Kingdom.

Legendary folklore mentions that Pengging was an ancient kingdom that was once led by King Anglingdriya, the sworn enemy of Prabu Baka, the king of Prambanan. This story is continued with the fairy tale of the founding of Prambanan Temple.

When Majapahit was led by Brawijaya (the last king according to the chronicle manuscript version), the name Pengging reappeared.

It is said that a daughter of Brawijaya named Retno Ayu Pembayun was kidnapped by Menak Daliputih, the king of Blambangan, the son of Menak Jingga.

In that story, a hero named Jaka Sengara appears who manages to seize the princess and kill her kidnapper.

For his services, later Jaka Sengara was appointed by Brawijaya as Pengging regent and married Retno Ayu Pembayun.

According to the chronicle text, Jaka Sengara, who has the title Andayaningrat Andayaningrat, died at the hands of Sunan Ngudung during the war between Majapahit and Demak.

Jaka Sengara was then succeeded by his son named Raden Kebo Kenanga, with the title Ki Ageng Pengging. Since then Pengging has become a subordinate area of the Demak Kingdom.

Several years later, Ki Ageng Pengging was executed because he was accused of wanting to rebel against Demak. His son, who has the title Jaka Tingkir when he grows up, actually serves Demak.

Jaka Tingkir's brilliant achievements in the army made him appointed as Trenggana's son-in-law, and became the regent of Pajang with the title Hadiwijaya.

The Pajang area at that time included the Pengging area (now roughly covering Boyolali and Klaten), Tingkir (Salatiga area), Need and its surroundings.

After the death of Trenggana in 1546, then Sunan Prawoto ascended the throne. However, Sultan Prawoto was later killed by his cousin, namely Arya Penangsang, the regent of Jipang in 1547.

After that, Arya Penangsang also tried to kill Hadiwijaya but failed. With the support of Queen Kalinyamat (regent of Jepara and daughter of Trenggana), Hadiwijaya and his followers succeeded in defeating Arya Penangsang.

Hadiwijaya then seized the throne of Demak and founded the Kingdom of Pajang. The emergence until the collapse of the Pajang Kingdom left traces, one of which was in the form of buildings.

At present, the royal palace complex is all that remains in the form of the foundation boundaries which are on the border of Pajang Village, Surakarta City and Makamhaji Village, Kartasura, Sukoharjo, present-day East Java Province. (US/IND)

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