History of Bandarlampung City, Capital of Lampung Province

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INDEPHEDIA.com - Bandar Lampung City (Written: Bandarlampung) is the capital of Lampung Province, a province on the southern tip of Sumatra Island, Indonesia.

Currently, Bandarlampung is one of the most populous cities on the island of Sumatra, including one of the largest cities in Indonesia and the most populous city outside Java.

Previously, the City of Bandarlampung was historically named Tanjungkarang - Telukbetung, where at that time the city was part of the Way Handak region, South Lampung Regency (Lamsel).

Around 1982 there was an expansion, so that the City of Tanjungkarang - Telukbetung was merged into one, namely the City of Bandarlampung.

Dutch East Indies Colonial Era and Japan

During the Dutch East Indies colonial era, the Bandarlampung City area was included in the Onder Afdeling Telokbetong area.

Telokbetong Onder Afdeling was formed based on Staatsbalat 1912 Number 462 which consisted of the Telokbetong Capital itself and the surrounding areas.

Prior to 1912, the capital city of Telokbetong included Tanjungkarang which was located about 5 km north of Telokbetong City (Encyclopedie Van Nedderland Indie, D.C. STIBBE part IV).

The capital of Onder Afdeling Telokbetong is Tanjungkarang, while the City of Telokbetong itself serves as the Capital of the Residency of Lampung.

The two cities are not included in the Marga Verband, but stand alone and are headed by an Assistant Demang.

In government, the Assistant Demang is subordinate to Hoof Van Plaatsleyk Bestuur as the Head of Onder Afdeling Telokbetong.

During the Japanese occupation, Tanjungkarang-Telokbetong City was made Si (City) under the leadership of a Sicho (Japanese nation) and assisted by a Fuku Sicho (Indonesian nation).

Indonesian Independence Period

After the Indonesian nation became independent, Tanjungkarang City and Telokbetong City became part of South Lampung Regency.

In 1948, Law Number 22 of 1948 was issued which separated the two cities from South Lampung Regency.

Since then, the city has been introduced with the term Tanjungkarang-Telukbetung City.

In its development, the status of Tanjungkarang City and Telukbetung City continues to change and has undergone several expansions.

After the Lampung Residency was upgraded to the status of Lampung Province based on Law Number 18 of 1965, the City of Tanjungkarang-Telukbetung changed to the Municipality of the Level II Region of Tanjungkarang-Telukbetung and at the same time became the capital of Lampung Province.

Based on Government Regulation Number 24 of 1983, the Municipality of the Level II Region of Tanjungkarang-Telukbetung changed to the Municipality of the Level II Region of Bandarlampung (State Gazette of 1983 Number 30, Supplement to State Gazette Number 3254).

Furthermore, there was a change in the mention of the name from the Municipal Government of the Level II Region of Bandarlampung to the City Government of Bandarlampung.

This change was based on the Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 43 of 1998 concerning changes to official scripts within the Regency/Municipality Governments of Level II Regions throughout Indonesia which were followed up with the Mayor of Bandarlampung Decree Number 17 of 1999.

The change in the mention of the name from the Municipal Government of the Bandarlampung Level II Region to the City Government of Bandarlampung is still in use today.

The division of sub-districts in Bandarlampung City was carried out in 1987, namely the Districts of East Tanjungkarang, West Tanjungkarang, Central Tanjungkarang, North Telukbetung and West Telukbetung.

The sub-districts increased again in 2001 to 13 sub-districts, because Rajabasa, Kemiling, Sukabumi and Tanjungsenang were made sub-districts and there were 98 sub-districts.

Since 2012 until now, Bandarlampung City, whose anniversary has been set on June 17, has 20 sub-districts and 126 sub-districts. (*)

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