Leak, Balinese Sacrifice Seeking Creature That Can Change Form

Photo Source: IDN Time Bali

INDEPHEDIA.com - In regions in Indonesia there are many mythological creatures with various names, shapes or shapes to their types, one of which is Leak on the island of Bali.

According to Balinese beliefs, Leak is an ordinary human being who has knowledge called Aji Pengaleakan.

People who possess this knowledge need the blood of embryos --a multicellular diploid eukaryote in the very early stages of development--- to live.


Leak in Balinese mythology is often identified with the evil behavior of adherents of the left or pengiwa teachings, namely in the form of a human head with organs still hanging from the head.

Leak Science has its own level, ranging from low, medium to high level. In Bali itself, Leak science is also known as Aji Wegig.

Etymologically, the word Aji means knowledge and Wegig (from the word begig) means a trait that likes to annoy other people. Because of its negative nature, Leak is also often called Ngiwa.

In the Durganing Purwa ejection it is stated that there are around 35 types of Leak, including Leak Pemoroan, Leak Nengkleng to Leak Ugig, all of which connote the badness of adherents of Leak science.

Leak can fly looking for pregnant women, and then suck the blood of babies who are still in the womb.

Of the many types, there are three well-known Leaks, one male and two female.

Can Change Form

In his embodiment, Leak can transform himself into a pig or a ball of fire. Meanwhile, the real form of Leak has a long tongue and sharp teeth.

Leak, who is an evil witch, during the day looks like an ordinary human and does activities like most people.

Leak can only be seen during the day or before sunset until the evening by people who have the sensitivity of the inner eye or supernatural experts.

At night, apart from going to the forest or in the rice fields to find food, such as frogs, carrion and even excrement, Leak is also at the cemetery looking for organs in the human body that he uses to make magic potions.

This magic concoction can change Leak's form into a tiger, monkey, pig or become like Rangda. If necessary he can also take organs from living people.

Leak Weakness Myths

The myth, to immobilize Leak is said to have a weakness, namely by stabbing the neck and separating the head from the body.

If someone stabs Leak in the neck from the bottom to the head when the head is separated from the body, the Leak cannot be reunited with the body.

Leak will die and will not live again if the head is separated from the body within a certain period of time.

Some people say that Leak magic only works on the island of Bali, so Leak is only found on this Island of the Gods. (*)

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