Eros, God of Love in Greek Mythology

Photo Source: Elebrary - Eros -- also known as Cupid --- in Greek mythology is the god of love and lust.

The son of Aphrodite (Aphrodit), the goddess of beauty known in Roman mythology as Venus, was also worshiped as the god of fertility.

In Roman mythology, he is often depicted in the form of a winged youth, complete with his bow and arrows.

In the story, Eros is known to be very loyal to his mother, even though he is also known for his rebellious spirit.

Once upon a time there was a woman named Psyche who claimed that she was the most beautiful woman after Aphrodite. Because of that statement, Aphrodite got angry.

Then, he intended to punish her by sending Eros to shoot Psyche with an arrow that would cause her to fall in love with the ugliest man on Earth.

However, it turned out that Psyche's beauty was so enchanting that Eros fell in love and ignored his mother's orders and took Psyche away.

In another version, Eros was accidentally scratched by his own arrow when he was about to shoot Psyche so he fell in love with Psyche.

Her mother Goddess Aphrodite disapproved of their relationship and presented Psyche with several challenges. When carrying out one of Aphrodite's orders, Psyche was cursed.

Eros then tried to save Psyche and went to Zeus, the leader of the gods. Zeus finally granted Eros's request and allowed them to live together. (*)

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