These Unique Traditions Only Exist in Indonesia - Indonesia is an archipelagic country that has various ethnicities, many ethnic groups and beliefs.

The diversity of ethnicities and ethnic groups in each region also has a variety of different traditions.

Of the many ethnic and ethnic traditions in the country, a number of regions have unique traditions.

Most of these traditions are still maintained today and live side by side with the people.

In fact, some of these unique traditions only exist in Indonesia, not found anywhere else in the world.

Curious about what unique traditions can only be found in Indonesia and don't exist in any other country on this earth? Here are the unique traditions.

Tiwah Ritual, Central Kalimantan

Photo Source: Indonesian Tourism

The Tiwah ritual is a special tradition performed by the Dayak tribe in Central Kalimantan for people who have died a long time ago.

This Tiwah ceremony is usually held by the Dayak tribe to deliver the bones of people who have died to a house called Sandung.

The purpose of this ritual is to straighten the journey of the spirits to Lewu Tatau or heaven. In addition, this unique ritual also aims to release bad luck for the family that has been left behind.

Funeral Traditions of the Minahasa Tribe, North Sulawesi

Photo Source: Cagar Budaya.kemdikbud

The Minahasa tribe has unique funeral rituals and is different from other traditions. The Minahasa tribe positions the corpse sitting while hugging its legs not in a sleeping position.

Funeral traditions like this, according to belief, symbolize the state of holiness and bring goodness.

Apart from having to be in a sitting position, the direction of the position of the corpse must be facing north. This is because the story has been passed down from generation to generation by the ancestors of the Minahasa people.

Tatung, Singkawang

Photo Source: BeritaSatu

This tatung tradition is always held in Singkawang City ahead of Cap Go Meh. The Cap Go Meh celebration in this area took place lively with the presence of the tatung.

In the parade, the tatung show their ability to be immune to sharp objects.

In this tradition, tatung actors will demonstrate like debus, which do not work on sharp weapons or objects that injure.

Finger Cutting Tradition, Papua

Photo Source: Grid

Finger cutting is a tradition to show grief at being abandoned by a family member.

This extreme tradition has now been abandoned by many Dani people.

However, this tradition was previously carried out and has been passed down from generation to generation from their ancestors.

For the Dani tribe, fingers have a deeper meaning, symbolized as a form of harmony, unity and strength in humans or a family.

Pointed Teeth of the Mentawai Tribe, Kalimantan

Photo Source: Kumparan

For the Mentawai tribe, a beautiful woman must meet three criteria. First, the long ears. Second, his body is decorated with titi or tattoos. Third, sharp teeth.

The tradition of sharpening teeth by the Mentawai tribe is believed to add to the beauty of the woman. (US/IND)

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