Dudley Castle, The Haunted Castle in England: Sightings Ghost The Gray Lady

Gray Lady appears standing at the door of Dudley Castle (Photo Source: Dailymail)

INDEPHEDIA.com - Dudley Castle is said to be a haunted castle in England with its scary stories.

The myth is that in the castle ruins of the fortress in the town of Dudley, West Midlands, England, sightings of the ghost of the Gray Lady are often seen.

The History of the Construction of Dudley Castle

Horror stories aside, Dudley Castle is a historic building. The castle was built after the Norman conquest in 1066.

The castle was originally built in wood by one of William the Conqueror's followers, Ansculf de Picquigny, around 1070.

Over the centuries, the castle underwent a number of renovations, replacing stone and increasing in size.

Hundreds of years later, it became the headquarters of the Royalist stronghold during the English Civil War from 1642 to 1651.

In 1646, the castle was besieged twice before being overrun by Cromwell's forces. During the English Civil War, Parliament at that time ordered part of the building demolished.

The remaining remains of the fort burned down in 1750. In the 19th century AD the site was considered a "Romantic Ruin". A number of parts were rebuilt.

Since then, Dudley Castle which was included on the British Historic Heritage at Risk list in 2020 is used for major events and contests.

Zoo Area

In 1937, when Dudley Zoo was established, the grounds within the fort were made into a zoo area.

The 40 acre (16 ha) Dudley Zoological Gardens or Dudley Zoo located on the grounds of Dudley Castle.

This zoo was opened to the public on May 18, 1937 and continues to this day. Dudley Zoological Gardens also hosts various events at certain times.

Sightings Ghost The Gray Lady

Behind its historical value, at Dudley Castle there is a growing myth of frequent sightings of the ghost of the Gray Lady.

Reportedly, the ghost often appears and is caught on camera by visitors who visit there.

A number of stories are believed by the public, the figure of the Gray Lady is the wife of Lord Glamis VI, Janet Douglas.

He was killed by being burned alive because he was slandered for using witchcraft to kill King James V.

However, some others believe that the Gray Lady is the incarnation of Dame Sybil, the nurse of Queen Elizabeth I.

Another story says that the ghost is Dorothy Beaumont who died with her baby daughter shortly after giving birth.

Her last wish to be buried with the princess and for her husband to be present at the funeral was not fulfilled. That said, that's why his spirit wanders.

Regarding who the Gray Lady was during her lifetime, what is clear is that this figure is believed to have inhabited the castle for centuries.

One of the alleged sightings of the Gray Lady, which was widely reported in the mass media, occurred in October 2014.

A husband and wife (couple) from Birmingham, England, Dean and Amy Harper, accidentally caught sight of the ghost of a woman.

While looking at photos of their vacation to Dudley Castle the week before, the couple Dean and Amy Harper were abysmal.

Apparently, they photographed the appearance of a female ghost in a gray robe standing at the door of the old castle in England.

The alleged appearance of the Gray Lady was caught on camera when the couple took pictures of the page which became a tourist attraction. (*)

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