Tunnel of Love, The Most Romantic Love Tunnel in Ukraine


If you intend to honeymoon in this place, be sure to visit it during spring and summer. Because in that month the leaves of the trees covering the tunnel enter the peak period of growth.

INDEPHEDIA.com - For those of you who are married or honeymooners and those who are in love are confused looking for a romantic place, perhaps Tunnel of Love in Ukraine is one of the places.

This love tunnel from the railroad track can be a recommendation for you. Because, on average the visitors who travel to this place are couples who are on a honeymoon or are still dating.

It is said that according to the legend, whoever comes to this tunnel, their love relationship will continue until death separates and whatever their wishes will be granted provided they have sincere intentions. This is said to be said.

Having a length of 3 km, this tunnel is not a former railroad track, but is really still active today and is passed by the train. But, don't worry, the train that passes is just a wooden carriage. In fact, only passing 3 days and of course the tourists who visit will be notified in advance of the schedule.

Well, if you are in love or intend to honeymoon to this place, be sure to visit it during spring and summer. Because in that month the leaves of the tree that covered the tunnel were dense, aka entering the peak period of growth.

In spring this place will be a place of love for most people. The reason, this place will be visited by many young people who just walk along the tunnel to enjoy a romantic atmosphere.

However, in the fall and winter the romance is not lost. In autumn the leaves will be colorful. Meanwhile, in the winter the branches of trees covered with snow will add to the elegance of Tunnel of Love. (WS.IN/ENG/*)

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