Full Android Mobile Phone Data Storage, Here's How To Overcome It


INDEPHEDIA.com - Instead of flagship phones, some phones come with lower storage capacity, so that users often find full data on cell phones. Even though mobile phones already have an external storage feature via microSD, sometimes user data remains full.

To overcome this, users can just buy a new storage card that has a large capacity, but this certainly requires no small funds. There are several ways you can do to reduce the full data of Android phones.

1. Check Application

Check which applications have never been used, delete the application so that it can be used to install other applications.

2. File Manager

File management applications such as Google Files will make it easier for users to check what files are on the phone. Some brands of mobile phones have the ability to notify unused files, including duplicating files and large files.

3. Free Up Space Devices

Every Android phone is equipped with a built-in device that can free up some storage space, without the need to install additional applications.

Usually the free up space feature is located in the storage menu and can be accessed from the settings. This feature will show how much capacity is used from the total available capacity. Tap free up space to clear the amount of space used for cache.

4. Take Advantage of Cloud Storage

One of the data that is enough to take up storage capacity is a photo or video. In fact, some cell phones can automatically send photos and videos to be stored on Google Photos. Users can delete photos that are still stored on the phone as long as it has entered Google Photos. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)

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