Natural Ways to Get Rid of Scars On The Skin - Do you know why after a burn scar will arise? Areas of skin damaged by burns will produce a protein called collagen. Collagen is produced to repair the damaged skin area.

Now, when repairing itself, the skin will thicken and change color from the original color. This is what you see as a burn scar. Then how to get rid of burn scars on the skin? Check out the review.

To find out how to get rid of burns, you must first know how severe the burns you are experiencing. Not all burns can be treated alone using natural ingredients, and not all burns can be removed. In some severe cases, burns cannot heal.

The type of burn is divided into three, depending on the severity. For more details, consider the following information.

First-degree Burns

The characteristics of first-degree or mild burns are generally just the damage arising on the surface of the upper skin, skin color is red, and the skin feels mild pain. Some people with burns of this level do not leave scars after proper handling, or only a few minor scars. Usually the first degree of healing burns within 6 days without leaving a scar.

Second-degree Burns

Second-degree burns will cause damage to the surface of the upper skin to enter the deeper skin, namely to the dermis of the skin. The skin color will turn red, blisters appear, and the skin feels painful.

At this level burn scars are usually left on the skin. However, the severity of the scars left behind also depend on the treatment of the scar from the start of treatment. Healing second-degree burns within 2-3 weeks may leave scars.

Third-degree Burns

Third-degree burns are the most severe conditions that must be treated immediately by medical personnel, can not be treated at home. In this level of burns, skin damage occurs from the surface to penetrating damage to the bones and tendons.

Skin color also turns white or black because of scorching. Parts of the injured skin become numb due to burns on the nerves of the skin. These third-degree burns usually leave permanent burn scars.

How to get rid of burn scars? Eliminating burn scars starts from the initial treatment. How effective you can get rid of burn scars is very dependent on the treatment of burns done from the start.

Proper and quick handling will minimize the burn scars left behind. The trick, the first time you get a burn (first or second level), wash the burn with clean water that flows for about 10 minutes.

Then immediately soak with cool water for 5-10 minutes. Use antibiotic ointment to the injured area. For second-degree burns, you should consult a doctor after doing first aid at home.

Use sterile gauze bandages that are not sticky to protect the burned skin from infection. While treating, consume foods high in antioxidants and protein, and drink lots of water.

Eliminating burn scars with natural ingredients, in addition to using ointments or drugs that you buy at the pharmacy, you can combine natural ingredients to help remove burn scars.

There are several natural ingredients around you that can help eliminate burns. However, make sure you have done the first aid steps above before removing the burn scars with the following three natural ingredients.

1. Honey

Honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Several studies have shown that applying honey to wounds can help heal and cleanse injured areas, reduce pain, and disguise scars. Some studies even show that honey can heal burns faster than traditional antibiotic creams and gauze.

2. Aloe vera

Reporting from Medical Daily, aloe vera has been used for medical treatment for thousands of years. Aloe vera is also known as a plant that can be used to accelerate the healing process of burns from the gel inside. Gel or sap in aloe vera can also relieve pain, swelling, and help speed up the overall healing process due to burns.

3. Lavender oil

This oil which has antibacterial properties also has a healing effect on burns. Two to three drops of lavender oil in a burn not only reduces pain but also minimizes scar tissue that is formed. In some people, there are effects such as burning when using this oil, but over time the effects will be reduced along with the burn scars.

Do not directly drip this oil on the burned skin. Mix 1-2 drops of this oil first with other oils such as olive oil or baby oil.

Although lavender oil can help the healing process of burns, be careful about the time of use. Because, this oil provides a calming effect to make people fall asleep easily. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)

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